CWC continues to work with its government and industry partners to meet its mission and to work towards a wood-first culture in North America. These partners include:

Lumber system partners:

  • Canadian Lumber Standards Accreditation Board
  • National Lumber Grades Authority

Science partners:

  • FPInnovations
  • National Research Council of Canada

Federal government partners:

  • Natural Resources Canada
  • Industry Canada (Fednor)
  • Western Economic Diversification
  • Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency

Provincial partners:

  • FII (BC)
  • SRD (Alberta)
  • NOHFC (Ontario)
  • Atlantic provinces

USA partners:

  • American Wood Council
  • Wood Products Council (WoodWorks US)
  • Bi-National Softwood Lumber Council and Softwood Lumber Board
  • APA – The Engineered Wood Association