Construction Sites

The vulnerability of any building in a fire situation is higher during the construction phase when compared to the susceptibility of the building after it has been completed and occupied. This is because the risks and hazards found on a construction site differ both in nature and potential impact from those in a completed building. And, these risks and hazards are occurring at a time when the fire prevention and protection elements that are designed to be part of the completed building are not yet in place.

For these reasons, construction site fire safety includes some unique challenges. However, an understanding of the hazards and their potential risks is the first step towards fire prevention and mitigation.

It is important to comply with applicable regulations related to fire safety planning during construction, and cooperation between all stakeholders in establishing and implementing a plan goes a long way in reducing the potential risk and impacts of a fire on any construction sites.

The Canadian Wood Council, through its network of research and technical expertise, is committed to providing support to those involved in design and construction with respect to safe and effective building practices.

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