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Educators Kit

Teaching kits give hands-on help. The CWC has prepared a kit to help university professors of architecture and engineering teach the essentials of wood products and construction. Each kit contains information on wood construction, including slides and information bulletins.

Numerous samples of wood products, such as wood panels, engineered wood, parallel chord trusses, timber connectors and graded lumber make up the hands-on component of the kit. `We’ve sent over 1000 kits to professors who are new to the subject of wood. We plan to expand from there so that these kits are used throughout the country,’ says one CWC employee involved with distributing the teaching kits. ‘Together with our manuals and software, these kits will provide all the teaching tools a professor needs,’ he adds.

For more information on the education kit or to obtain an education kit, please contact Ioana Lazea at ilazea@cwc.ca .


Course Outline

The following outline is currently used in the book “Introduction to Wood Design”. This is meant as a guideline for professors who would like to either teach Wood Design as a whole or would like to add modules on wood design within their curriculum.

PDF Document Structural Design course outline


The following Power Point presentations (with notes) are available for download.