Wood WORKS! Awards Program

Celebrating Excellence in Wood Design… Building the Future

Wood WORKS! is a program of the Canadian Wood Council. It is our goal to promote the use of wood and wood products in construction projects, and to acknowledge the contribution of wood-use advocates and industry leaders. The Wood WORKS! annual Awards Gala exists in British Columbia, Ontario, and Alberta to honour excellence in wood-based construction projects, and to recognize the people and organizations that are pioneering and preserving the use of wood.

The Wood WORKS! Gala brings together people from all sectors to honour leadership and innovation in wood use.

The Gala also serves as an excellent opportunity to publicly recognize and encourage continued excellence in the building and design community, and in the forest industry. This high profile annual event will showcase the use of wood in design and construction projects, providing politicians, senior dignitaries, architects, engineers and project owners with an opportunity to showcase their recently completed projects.

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