Canadian Edition

Canadian Software

WoodWorks® consists of three programs which are packaged in a cost-saving Design Office suite. The Sizer program is also available separately.

New Design Office 10 is now available!

Design Office 10

Conforms to the CSA O86-14 (Updates 1 and 2) and NBC 2015

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Sizer Software    Sizer               Click Here for more information.
Size beams, joists, columns and wall studs, one at a time or in a system, under various load conditions
Shearwalls Software    Shearwalls       Click Here for more information.
Automatically generates seismic and / or wind loads following NBC methods, distributes them to shearlines based on flexible and rigid diaphragm analysis, and designs wood shearwalls with or without hold-downs at openings to resist them.
Connections    Connections     Click Here for more information.
Design new connections using bolts, nails, rivets or shear plates, or check the capacity of existing connections


Based on the Canadian Standards Association’s (CSA) O86 Wood Design Standard.