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WoodWorks® Structural Design Software:

WoodWorks® is structural design software produced with technical guidance from the wood industry’s codes and standards engineers.This wood design suite includes three programs – Sizer, Shearwalls and Connections. Click here to try the demo. (versions available for both Canada and the U.S.).

CWC Calculators:

This online utility provides a convenient reference for spans for Canadian built-up dimension lumber, fully in accord with Part 4 of the National Building Code of Canada and its referenced wood standard CSA O86-09. The information provided by this utility applies only in Canada.
A wood detailing tool to help qualified professional designers estimate and account for dimensional change in new building construction. Wood shrinks when it dries and swells when it becomes wet. This on-line utility constitutes a quick and easy reference tool for calculating wood member dimensional changes due to changes in moisture contents.
Board Foot Calculator
One board foot is the nominal quantity of lumber derived from a piece of rough green lumber 1 inch thick and 1 foot wide by 1 foot long. The Board Foot Calc calculates lumber quantities in various units of measure based on dimensions and length entered.
Tall Walls Sizer
This tool is intended to assist in using wood for the design of tall walls in commercial and industrial structures and to provide a step-by-step guide to the design of these walls. The stud tables in this workbook are provided for lumber studs up to 6.1 m (20 ft.) and proprietary engineered wood studs up to 11.9 m (39 ft.). In addition, a detailed design example of manufacturing facility is provided describing structural, thermal and fire consideration for tall walls.

Cecobois Online Tools

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US WoodWorks Calculator:
Carbon Calculator
The WoodWorks Carbon Calculator tool estimates the total mass of wood in a building and the associated carbon impacts. Carbon impacts refer to both the amount of carbon stored in the wood building materials and the amount of greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) avoided by choosing wood instead of another building material.

Additional Tools:

Architect’s Toolkit
A one-stop resource for British Columbia wood products – the Toolkit offers physical samples, case studies, technical details about materials and building ideas.