Quality Control

Glulam is an engineered wood product requiring exacting quality control at all stages of manufacture.

Canadian manufacturers of glulam are required to be qualified under CSA Standard 0177. This standard sets mandatory guidelines for equipment, manufacturing, testing and record keeping procedures.

As a mandatory manufacturing procedure, tests must be routinely performed on several critical manufacturing steps, and recording of test results must be done. For example, representative samples are tested for adequacy of glue bond and all end joints are stress tested to ensure that each joint exceeds the design requirements. Each member fabricated has a quality assurance record indicating glue bond test results, lumber grading, end joint test and laminating conditions for each member fabricated, including glue spread rate, assembly time, curing conditions and curing time.

In addition, mandatory quality audits are performed by independent certification agencies to ensure that in-plant procedures meet the requirements of the manufacturing standard.

A certificate of conformance to manufacturing standards for a given glulam order is available upon request.