Sizes and Shapes

Plank decking is produced in three thicknesses; 38mm (1-1/2′), 64mm (2-1/2″), and 89mm (3-1/2″). The 38mm (1-1/2″) decking has a single tongue and groove and is available in 127mm (5″) or 178mm (7″) widths.

The two thicker sizes are double tongue and groove and usually available only in 133mm (5-1/4″) face width. These sizes may be ordered with pre-drilled 6mm (1/4″) holes at 760mm (30″0 spacings so that each piece may be nailed to the adjacent piece with 200mm (8″) No.3 gauge decking spikes.

All decking is V-grooved on the face which is the best in appearance.

The sizes, face patterns, and suggested fastening details are shown below.