Canadian Design Values

These design values for timber are intended for use by qualified designers and are for normal load duration and dry service conditions.Canadian Design Values





With the permission of the CanadianStandards Association (operating as CSA Group), material is reproduced from CSA Groupstandard, O86-09 CONSOLIDATION, “Engineering Design in Wood” which is copyrighted by CSA Group, 5060 Spectrum Way, Suite 100, Mississauga ON, L4W 5N6. This material is not the complete and official position of CSA Group on the referenced subject, which is represented solely by the standard in its entirety. While use of the material has been authorized, CSA is not responsible for the manner in which the data is presented, nor for any interpretations thereof. For more information or to purchase standards from CSA Group, please visit or call 1-800-463-6727.