Design Values for Canadian Species used in the U.S

Size Adjusted Design Values for Canadian Species used in the United States

Design values for lumber presented in this section are based on ASTM Standards in accordance with the requirements of American Softwood Lumber Standard PS20-99, as applied to species grown within Canada.

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Spruce-Pine-Fir (Abbr: S-P-F)
Douglas Fir-Larch (Abbr: DF-L)
Hem-Fir (Abbr: H-F)
Northern Species (Abbr: N)

These size adjusted values for the species listed above are intended for use by qualified designers and can be used in conjunction with the appropriate adjustment factors from the tables below.

The following four tables can be Downloaded Here

designvalues-US-1-repetitive_member_factor designvalues-US-2-duration_of_load designvalues-US-3-flat_use_factors designvalues-US-4-wet_use_factors