Fire Safety and Guidlines

Fire Safety

OSB products may be used in wood-frame floor, wall, and roof assemblies having a fire-resistance rating and for fire stops in concealed spaces. OSB has been tested to determine fire endurance and flame spread ratings by APA. Structural wood panels are permitted to be installed between the framing and the gypsum wallboard provided the length of the fasteners used to attach the fire protection is adjusted for the added thickness of the panel.

The Fire Safety Design in Buildings book provides information on how fire-rated Wood-Frame construction which incorporates OSB can be used in all types of buildings.


General guidelines for oriented strandboard (OSB):

  • Require that panels carry a CSA, TECO, or APA panel marks and quality assurance stamp.
  • Specify the appropriate grade or the performance based standard required.
  • Specify the panel size, and the panel thickness or panel mark and support spacing in accordance with the building code having jurisdiction.
  • Indicate special requirements such as tongue and groove.
  • Indicate fastening type, length, and spacing.