Moisture Control

All wood products are hygroscopic in nature and therefore gain and lose moisture in accordance with climatic conditions. OSB panels change in dimension, as do other wood products, as humidity fluctuations change the moisture content, however more dimensionally stable than solid wood.

Panels should be protected from excessive wetting during storage and construction. Manufacturers protect the panel edges with paint or a special sealer, and recommend a 3mm (1/8″) gap be left between panels during installation to accommodate linear expansion.

Panel products are susceptible to corner and edge damage from handling and must be handled carefully to avoid damage.

In summary, points to watch for when storing and handling OSB are:

  • Store bundles indoors or under cover with enough support to keep panels flat.
  • On the job site, schedule delivery as close as possible to time of use.
  • Protect panel edges and corners. This is especially true for tongue and groove panels.