Quality Control

The manufacture of LVL requires an in-house quality assurance organization. Regular independent third party quality audits by a certification organization are a required part of the manufacturers’ quality assurance program.

LVL products are tested and approved for use by the major code and product evaluation agencies in the United States and Canada. All manufactured LVL products which have been tested and approved in this way should bear the seal of the certification agency, the manufacturer, date of manufacture, grade of LVL and reference to any applicable code or evaluation agency approval numbers.

LVL is a proprietary product having engineering properties that are dependent on the materials used in the manufacture and on the product assembly and manufacturing processes. As such, it does not meet a common standard of production. Therefore, designers and installers should follow the design, use and installation guidelines of the individual manufacturers.

The Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC) has issued product evaluations for many of the LVL products marketed in Canada.

In the United States, most manufacturers have obtained product evaluation reports from the Council of American Building Officials (CABO).

A standard for the specification for evaluation of structural composite lumber products (such as LVL and PSL) has been developed by ASTM. This standard covers initial qualification sampling, mechanical and physical tests, design value assignments, and requirements for a quality-control program.