Sizes Available

The stock sizes available for PSL are intended to be compatible with established wood framing materials and standard dimensions. Stock PSL sizes for beams and columns are shown in the following Table.

 Table 1: Typical Dimensions of Parallel Strand Lumber (PSL)

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PSL beams are sold in thicknesses of 44mm (1-3/4″), 68mm (2-11/16″), 89mm (3-1/2″), 133mm (5-1/4″), and 178mm (7″). The smaller thicknesses can be used individually as single plies or can be combined for multi-ply applications.

PSL can be ordered in lengths up to 20m (66 ft.). Although it can be sawn to any dimension, its economy is maximized in uses where light to medium steel sections are practical.

High design values, a multitude of cross sections, and long lengths permit flexibility in building design.