Sizer Software Sizer

With WoodWorks® Sizer, you can size beams, joists, columns and wall studs to meet the CSA O86 Standard.

  • Specify dead, live, snow and wind loads
  • Automatically pattern loads
  • Generate a materials take-off summary based on your design
  • Design for point, line, area, triangular, and trapezoidal loads simultaneously
  • Automatically check all load combinations as per the NBC
  • Analyze the critical load cases for reactions at supports, shear, bending, and deflection
  • Generate detailed analysis reports and diagrams
  • Generate a list of acceptable sections for dimension lumber, heavy timbers, glulam, LVL, PSL, or I-joists
  • Use the Materials Database editor to customize the software to your needs

Design Entire Structures – Concept Mode

  • Configure and design a complete structure in plan
  • Do preliminary designs of structures considering gravity loads using the graphical design and analysis work area
  • Perform multi-storey gravity load analysis – sizing all structural members and reporting the reactions at the base
  • Export elements from Concept Mode for further analysis into either Beam Mode or Column Mode

Design Beams – Beam Mode

  • Design individual wood bending members
  • Use Beam Mode to verify the design of critical bending members
  • Generate deflection, shear and bending moment diagrams for any beam or joist in your project
  • Design single or multi-span beams and joists with or without cantilevers
  • Design beams for gravity and uplift loads

Design Columns – Column Mode

  • Design individual wood columns, walls, and beam-columns
  • Use Column Mode to verify the design of critical compression members
  • Design columns and wall studs to resist both axial and lateral loads
  • Generate deflection, shear and bending moment diagrams for a single column or wall stud

Shearwalls Software Shearwalls

With WoodWorks® Shearwalls, you can perform complete shearwall design and lateral load analysis.

  • Design shearwalls for multi-storey “regular” and some “irregular” (as defined by code) shaped buildings
  • Determine hold-down and drag-strut forces and display them graphically
  • Design shearwalls with or without hold-downs
  • Generate an elevation view to show loads and forces on each shearwall
  • Assign loads to shearlines following a flexible or rigid diaphragm analysis
  • Import CAD .wmf files to establish the building footprint
  • Model wood structures up to six stories
  • Specify openings in shearwalls such as windows and doors
  • Model roof shapes, including hips, valleys, gables, and overhangs

Wind Load Generation

  • Generate wind pressure and resulting diaphragm loads as per NBC low-rise and medium- rise procedures
  • Input specific site information
  • Manually input lateral loads or modify wind loads that were automatically generated
  • Report shearwall material designs for all wind load cases
  • Check the capacity of wall sheathing and nailing to resist wind suction (components and cladding loads)

Seismic Load Generation

  • Generate seismic loads as per the NBC
  • Input site-specific seismic information
  • Manually input lateral loads or modify seismic loads that were automatically generated
  • Report shearwall material designs for all seismic load cases 

Connections Software Connections

With WoodWorks® Connections, you can design new connections or check the capacity of existing ones.

  • Produce fully dimensioned, CAD-quality drawings
  • Generate a material list for fasteners and steel plates
  • Run designs using bolts, nails, timber rivets, shear plates or top-mount hangers

Post & Beam Connections

  • Design connectors for beam-to-beam, beam-to-column, and column-to-foundation connections

Lapped Shear Connections

  • Design single or double shear connections for wood-to-wood, wood-to-steel, and wood-to-concrete configurations