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US WoodWorks® Software Tutorials

Design Office 11 Tutorials

Sizer Program:

Beam and Column Mode Overview

Significant Changes to US Sizer 11

Shearwalls Program:

Significant Changes to US Shearwalls 11

Shearwalls 11 – Overview

Shearwalls Best Practices

U.S. Shearwalls 11 Wind Loads Training Videos:

Part 1 – Wind Serviceability (Drift)

Part 2 – Wind Analysis Inputs

Part 3 – Relationship between Log File and Loads in Plan View

Design Office 10 Tutorials

Sizer Program:

Concept Mode Overview  (Demonstration in Canadian version)

Shearwalls Program:

Tutorial 1:   How to Design a Simple Structure

Tutorial 2:   Advanced Tutorial from User Guide

Tutorial 3:   Design Settings

Tutorial 4:   Flexible & Rigid Diaphragm Distribution

Tutorial 5.1 – Design and Site Information

Tutorial 5.1-A

Tutorial 5.1-B

Tutorial 5.1-C

Tutorial 5.2 – Structural Data and Loads

Tutorial 5.2-A

Tutorial 5.2-B

Tutorial 5.3 – Wind and Seismic Shear

Tutorial 5.3-A

Tutorial 5.3-B

Tutorial 5.4 – Deflection , Hold-down, Drag Strut and Wind Suction

Tutorial 5.4-A

Tutorial 5.4-B

Tutorial 5.5 – Story Drift

Tutorial 5.5-A

Tutorial 5.5-B