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Download Design Office 11 SRa Suite                            Download Sizer 11 Stand-alone
(updated January 3, 2017)

Design Office Suite includes:                                       Sizer Stand-alone includes:
– Sizer, Shearwalls and Connections programs            – Sizer program only
– PDF version of the User Guide                                      – PDF version of the User Guide
– Online PDF version of the NDS, SDPWS

To demo the software, please use “DEMO” as the keycode. The demonstration versions are fully functional, except that you cannot print or save files, you are restricted in the materials you can use, and the electronic copy of the CSA (Canadian version) or NDS (US version) design standards is not included.

If you’ve purchased the software, please email your Software ID to WoodWorks Sales to receive your keycode. Keycodes are available between 7:30am-3:30pm (EST) Monday to Friday.

If you are having trouble installing the software, please refer to the software FAQ before contacting WoodWorks Sales or WoodWorks Technical Support.

Previous Version:

American Flag  US Design Office 10 SR4b              American Flag  Sizer 10.4 Stand-alone

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