CWC Stands by Integrity of Building Codes

December 18, 2013 – The Canadian Wood Council (CWC) is disappointed that a recent fire in Kingston on a 4-storey wood building under construction was inappropriately seized as an opportunity for competing materials to perpetrate anti-wood messaging. Read the entire press release.

Canadian and American Wood Councils Release New Environmental Product Declarations

These North American Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) are standardized tools that provide information about the environmental footprint of the products they cover. The North American wood products industry has taken its EPDs one step further by obtaining third-party verification from the Underwriters Laboratories Environment(ULE), an independent certifier of products and their sustainability.Click here for more information.

Canadian Tall Wood Demonstration Project – Expression of Interest

The Canadian Wood Council (CWC) is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of the Expression of Interest (EOI) phase of the Canadian Tall Wood Demonstration Project initiative. The submission period for the initiative closed on Friday, October 18th at 4 PM Pacific.

Over 300 interested parties registered on the website and by the closing date the CWC had received several submissions from across Canada.

An expert panel of design practitioners, building scientists and construction specialists will now be assembled by the CWC to evaluate the submissions. The CWC expects to announce the successful proponent(s) and project(s) in early 2014.

The CWC would like to thank all registrants that have shown an interest in the initiative and would especially like to thank those who have submitted proposals. If there are any follow up questions regarding submissions or information noted or linked on the EOI website, please contact Oscar Faoro at[email protected]. or Natalie Tarini at [email protected].

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