Catherine Lalonde Memorial Scholarship

The Catherine Lalonde Memorial Award is presented to a graduate student who demonstrates excellence in their studies of structural wood or wood design. The Canadian Wood Council (CWC) invites submission from graduate students in engineering, architecture, wood science and forestry. Research projects must demonstrate direct benefit for structural products manufactured by the Canadian forest products industry.

Catherine Lalonde was a dedicated employee of the CWC for over 10 years. Her most recent position as president of CWC ended abruptly when Catherine lost her battle with breast cancer in August 2003. In recognition to her contribution, the Catherine Lalonde Memorial Scholarship Fund was established to encourage the search for innovative solutions to the use of wood in construction.

This year marks the ten-year anniversary of Catherine’s Memorial Scholarship. To commemorate this anniversary, CWC will be granting two scholarships. One scholarship will recognize excellence in architectural wood design while the other will recognize excellence in engineering.


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 Scholarship Winner