Why Wood?

As building technologies evolve, one material remains as in-demand as ever: wood. Wood costs less – economically and environmentally – and it’s one of the most beautiful, versatile, durable and renewable raw materials available. Learn about how CWC works in partnership with Think Wood and naturally: wood to strengthen the wood industry’s presence within the construction sector.

About Think Wood

Formed in 2011, the reThink Wood initiative aims to project a unified North American  front and present a common message as it relates to wood performance, cost and sustainability, making it easier for the industry to speak with a cohesive voice and educate about the advantages of using wood in building.

reThink Wood is not an organization; it has no staff. Representatives from funders and partner associations such as the Binational Softwood Lumber Council, Forestry Innovation Investment and the Softwood Lumber Board work with key delivery agents such as WoodWorks, American Wood Council and the Canadian Wood Council.

About naturally: wood

A British Columbia Forest Innovation and Investment (BCFII) website, naturally: wood is a comprehensive information resource that brings together the latest, most reliable data about wood performance, green building and life cycle assessment, as well as British Columbia’s wide variety of forest products, manufacturers, sustainable forest practices, certification of forests, wood products and more.

Links to related topics provide architects, builders, wood, pulp and paper manufacturers and their customers the ability to explore further resources on wood products. A product supplier directory and certification search engine enable convenience and informed choice when sourcing wood, pulp and paper products.