Fortunately for Canada, most of this country lies north of the limit for termites on the North American continent. However, because termites and people both prefer the warmer parts of this country, 20% of Canada’s population live in areas where termites are present. Long winters limit termite activity in the wild, but the warmth provided by our buildings seems to encourage more serious problems in urban environments. Damage caused by the Eastern subterranean termite, (Reticulitermes flavipes Kollar), has reached economically important levels in areas of Toronto and other cities in Southern Ontario. There are some suggestions that the Western subterranean termite, (Reticulitermes hesperus Banks), may be causing significant damage in the Okanagan region of British Columbia.

Termites are a much more serious threat in many of our export markets such as the Southeastern USA, Japan and Southeast Asia. While termite control measures appropriate to each region are specified in local and regional building codes, an overview of such measures may be of use to Canadian marketers of wood products and manufactured homes. Termite control measures can be broadly grouped into six categories:

  1. Suppression
  2. Site Management
  3. Soil Barrier
  4. Slab/foundation details
  5. Structural durability
  6. Surveillance and Remediation

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More Information


Termite Control and Wood-Frame Buildings– 11-page illustrated bulletin from CWC, further covering the 6-point integrated strategy discussed. Includes photos of termite control products.

Integrated Control of Subterranean Termites: The 6S Approach. This 20-page Forintek paper introduces and thoroughly discusses the 6-point integrated strategy. Includes very specific design and maintenance advice.
Termite Map of North America


Combatting Termites – very short and simple summary fact sheet from Forintek.