CWC makes a number of resources available to wood professionals as well as wood enthusiasts. From electronic wood design tools to tips for home renovators and home buyers we work hard in providing you with the best tools and reference information. For almost half a century, the Canadian Wood Council (CWC) has been the trusted source of reference for the global audience of architects, engineers, builders, designers, and home owners who believe in the benefits of wood as a natural and renewable building material.

CWC Wood Design Tools

  • Effective R Calculator
    Provides designers with climate zone-appropriate insulated wall assembly solutions that are easily comparable with national and provincial energy efficiency prescriptive provisions.
  • Canadian Beam Calculator
  • Dimension Calculator
  • Board Foot Calculator
  • Carbon Calculator
    Are you interested in learning about the carbon benefits of your wood building? After inputting wood volumes, the tool estimates how much time it takes Canadian and U.S. forests to grow that volume of wood along with the associated carbon benefits – both the amount of carbon stored and the amount of greenhouse gas emissions avoided.
  • CodeChek
  • FRR & STC Tool

DISCLAIMER: The Canadian Wood Council’s Design Tools have been developed for information purposes only. Although all possible efforts have been made to ensure that the information on these tools is accurate, the CWC cannot under any circumstances guarantee the completeness, accuracy or exactness of the information. Reference should always be made to the appropriate Building Code and/or Standard. This tool should not be relied upon as a substitute for legal or design advice, and the user is responsible for how the tool is used or applied.

Additional Tools: