3 leading wood innovators as speakers | 3 projects to advance your wood knowledge and proficiency

DateTuesday, February 23, 2021
Time: 12:00am – 3:30pm

An event that will take you on an exciting journey to discover what’s possible with structural mass timber in design and building. Three distinguished designers will present three remarkable projects, each unprecedented and unique. Challenge your design sense and advance your wood proficiency and knowledge as you learn about these ingenious projects: a complex hybrid structure utilizing logs, steel, light wood-frame and dowel laminated timber walls;  the world’s tallest timber vertical extension using cross-laminated timber; and a 300-foot-long span timber gridshell using doubly curved glulam. Be among the first to learn from these extraordinary new structures, a showcase of advancing architectural and structural wood design!

Featured presentations: 

Tsawwassen First Nation Youth Centre: Mass Timber and Poles Recall Coast Salish History – Presenter: Dr. Nancy Mackin – Mackin Tanaka Architecture, Vancouver

The World’s Tallest Mass Timber Vertical Extension – Presenter: Nathan Benbow – VISTEK, Melbourne, Australia

Taiyuan Domes Botanical Garden: Three Impressive Timber Gridshell Dome Structures in China – Presenter: Lucas Epp – StructureCraft, Vancouver


Don’t miss the annual Wood Design Seminar, formerly the Wood Design Luncheon Conference!

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