CWC Staff & Wood WORKS! team

CWC President & CEO
Rick Jeffery

Coordinator, Governance and Executive Support
Christina Montminy

CWC Chief Financial Officer
Lana Legostaeva

CWC – Codes & Engineering

Robert Jonkman, P.Eng. – Vice President, Codes and Engineering
Rodney McPhee, C.E.T., CIP, MSFPE – Senior Director, Codes and Standards – Fire and Sustainability
Ali Mikael, Ph.D., P.Eng. – Senior Manager, Codes and Standards – Structural Engineering
Marc Alam, Ph.D., E.I.T. – Senior Manager, Codes and Standards – Fire and Acoustics
Josée Lalonde – Manager, Sales and Marketing – Software and Publications
Yang Du, M.A.Sc., P.Eng. – Technical Specialist – Structural Engineering
Noah Fetterly, FPET – Technical Specialist – Fire
Damian Oliveira, M.A.Sc., E.I.T. – Technical Specialist – Structural Engineering
Diego Flores, B.Eng., CEP – Technical Specialist – Structural Engineering
Sarah Stevenson, M.E.Sc., P.Eng. – Technical Specialist – Structural Engineering 
Clinton Debroy, GIFireE, CFI-II – Technical Specialist – Fire

CWC – Market Development & Communications

Martin Richard – Vice-President, Market Development and Communications
Tim Buhler, BBA – Director, Program and Operations
Ioana Lazea – Senior Manager, Special Projects
Barbara Murray – Senior Manager, Marketing and Outreach
Peter Moonen – National Sustainability  Manager
Sarah Hicks – Communications and Outreach Manager

Wood WORKS! British Columbia

Shawn Keyes, P.Eng., M.Eng., MBA in progress– Executive Director
Derek Ratzlaff, P.Eng., Struct.Eng., PE – Technical Director

Wood WORKS! Ontario

Steven Street – Executive Director
Brock O’Donnell – Technical Advisor

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Wood WORKS!  Alberta, Atlantic and Cecobois are regional programs of the Alberta Forest Products Association, Maritime Lumber Bureau and Conseil l’industrie forestière du Québec. They are part of the national industry-led project of the Canadian Wood Council, with a goal to support innovation and provide leadership on the use of wood and wood products.