Wood, an abundant and renewable natural resource, is diverse in its application in building systems. Be it residential or non-residential, light-frame or heavy timber, low-rise, mid-rise, or tall, wood can be used in various building applications.

The wood industry’s ambition is getting higher, and so are our buildings. When it comes to wood construction, people no longer merely think of basic applications. Instead, they look at the future possibilities of wood construction; where advances in wood science and building technology coincide with the design community’s desire to innovate, inspire and meet the challenges of urban communities throughout Canada.

Wood has long been part of our Country’s heritage, and research has proven that advancements in wood technology continue to make it a viable option for a diversity of applications. The creation of engineered wood products have expanded the options for wood construction, providing more choices for builders and architects.

This page introduces some of the building solutions trends that are taking off and provides an in-depth look into the opportunity that each application offers.