With advanced construction technologies and modern mass timber products such as glued-laminated timber, cross-laminated timber and structural composite lumber, building tall with wood is not only achievable but already underway – with completed contemporary buildings in Australia, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Norway and the United Kingdom at 9 storeys and taller. Increasingly recognized by the construction sector as an important, new, and safe construction choice, the reduced carbon footprint and embodied / operational energy performance of these buildings is appealing to communities that are committed to sustainable development and climate change mitigation.

Tall wood buildings, built with renewable wood products from sustainably managed forests, have the potential to revolutionize a construction industry increasingly focused on being part of the solution when it comes to urban intensification and environmental impact reduction. The Canadian wood product industry is committed to building on its natural advantage, through the development and demonstration of continuously improving wood-based building products and building systems.

Here’s one example of a tall wood building – an 18-storey student residence at UBC called Brock Commons Tallwood House