January 28, 2021 from 10-3pm EST
Join us for a one-day workshop featuring the essentials for engineering timber connections with industry sessions featuring available products and systems in the Canadian marketplace.

Event description:
Engineering Essentials for Connections in Timber 
Dr. Ghasan Doudak, Ph. D., P. Eng., Professor of Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering Department, University of Ottawa

General design concepts for the European Yield Model (EYM) together with the design approach for connections in CLT (Jx factor) will be presented. The workshop will discuss design of connections including nails and spikes in CLT, bolted connections and lag screws. Self -tapping screws and timber-concrete composite (TCC) floors will also be introduced.

12:10PM Lunch Break

Shearwall Hardware for Mid-rise Buildings and Mass Timber Structures
Brent Bunting, P.Eng, Senior Branch Engineer, Simpson Strong-Tie Canada, Ltd.

This session will provide a detailed over view of the shear transfer components for the lateral load resisting systems used in mid-rise buildings, including shearwall hardware and drift calculations. This session will also touch on the use of proprietary connectors and self-tapping screws when used with CLT shearwalls and diaphragms.

Mass Timber Connections
Brock O’Donnell, Technical Sales Rep Rothoblaas Canada

Rothoblaas works with wood working professionals, CLT/Glulam producers and designers who uses wood as a construction material. With the wide range of products which Rothoblaas offers, Brock will be focusing specifically on connections for mass timber. This presentation will be geared towards designers and wood workers to show simple and innovative connections that are available for mass timber construction.