We believe equity, diversity, and inclusion is a practice of ensuring persons of all characteristics can participate and achieve at CWC.  Our main objective is to define and support a caring and inclusive culture in the workplace to foster creativity and openness, invite different backgrounds, strengths and perspectives, embrace other’s ideas and contributions, and as a result, make CWC more relevant and valuable to CWC members and the broader stakeholder group it interacts with.  
We act by maintaining an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Committee that is responsible for implementing this policy and developing a strategic framework for putting this Action Plan into practice. The EDI Committee will develop specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely objectives that will ensure that progress is measurable so CWC can assess whether the Action Plan implementation is working.  The EDI Committee will promote its work and continue to monitor, evaluate, and plan EDI initiatives and will work with management to update our policy as often as required. 
Equity, Diversity, Inclusion Policy

2022 Catherine Lalonde Memorial Scholarships for Wood Related Research

The Catherine Lalonde Memorial Scholarship is presented to graduate students, enrolled in a Canadian University, who demonstrate excellence in their studies of structural wood or wood design. The Canadian Wood Council (CWC) invites submissions from graduate students in engineering, architecture, wood science and forestry. The projects submitted must demonstrate the direct benefit of structural products manufactured by the Canadian wood products industry.

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