Costing for Heavy and Mass Timber Construction – Fundamental Approaches, Considerations, and Lessons Learned

Dec. 1, 3, and 8 at 2-4pm EST

As opportunities to use Heavy and Mass Timber in construction surge, contractors, developers and designers need to understand how best to estimate costs.  Designs with these materials vary greatly from frame construction and require different approaches to costing the structural elements as well as determining the whole building costs which incorporate electrical, mechanical, plumbing and envelope components.  This series brings experienced designers, manufacturers, installation trades, developers and general contractors together to share their knowledge with their colleagues.  If you’re contemplating building or bidding on a building using these innovative materials, this series will provide essential informational about the Tips, Tricks and Traps of costing wood buildings.


Tuesday, December 1

2-3pm EST

David Porter, Program Coordinator, Atlantic Wood WORKS!

Mid-rise Cost Study

3-4pm EST

Christopher C. Williams P.Eng., MBA, Vice President, Timber Systems Ltd.

Budgeting Strategies for Mass Timber Construction


Thursday, December 3

2-3pm EST

Mark Gaglione P.Eng.

Manager, Construction Sciences, EllisDon Construction

Mass Timber Construction Costs – Looking Beyond the Wood

3-4pm EST

Scott Noble, AIA, Construction Manager,  Kaiser + Path

Adventures in Mass Timber Costing: The Canyons


Tuesday, December 8

2-3pm EST

Tim Praeger P.Eng., Principal, Aercoustics Engineering Ltd.


Mass Timber Acoustics – Doing it right.  An investment early on will pay dividends for your building

3-4pm EST

Mark Kaustinen, Senior Consultant and Business Advisor, KOSH

Unlocking barriers to using Prefab building solutions – It’s more than price.