Wood Storage And Handling

Wood is a long-lasting, economical and renewable resource that is the building material of choice for North American housing. This is due, in large part, to the proven performance of properly designed and constructed wood-frame buildings that have provided strong and lasting housing for many people. Although wood can withstand much, attention must be paid to storage and handling in order for the material to perform according to expectations. Managing moisture in structural wood products is essential to controlling the swelling and shrinkage of the wood and in the prevention of problems directly associated with such contact.

On Site Moisture Management

Moisture management during construction has become more and more important with the increase in building height and area (which potentially prolongs the exposure to inclement weather), and the overall increase in the speed of construction which may not allow adequate time for drying to occur. In addition, the drying capacities of modern assemblies may have reduced resulting from increased insulation levels to meet more stringent energy efficiency requirements, or the use of membrane or insulation products with low vapour permeance. Adequate on-site moisture protection is challenging given the range of possible moisture exposure conditions and the inevitable site and cost constraints of a construction project.

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